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Simply Explained: What is Coral Bleaching and How is it Caused?

(Modest Fish) - Coral bleaching can be caused by a variety of elements, most of those attributable to the effects of climate change. The result is serious economic and ecological losses. Read more to better understand coral bleaching and preventative measures to stop the loss of coral reefs and the disruption of aquatic ecosystems.
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Fashion Industry Debuts Landmark Climate Action Charter at COP24

(Sourcing Journal) - 40 fashion giants have committed to net-zero emissions by 2030. The 24th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention (COP24) gathered to develop 16 principles and targets by which they will rework production, materials, transport, consumer awareness and more to reach their 2030 goal.

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Climate Change Continues to Intensify Fires in California

(Pacific Standard) - 44 deaths have been reported thus far and over 200 individuals are missing. California has two fire seasons; summer, when vegetation dries and provides fuel for fires to spread quickly, and fall when the hot Santa Ana Winds intensify. These are both being exacerbated by climate change, and experts are warning 2018’s deadly fires won’t be the last.

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Staying Safe from Climate Risks Makes Financial Sense, says New Commission

(Thomson Reuters Foundation News) Adjusting to a warmer world will require strong political leadership, new sources of funding and a push to expand what works - but it will end up saving cash, top officials said as they launched a Global Commission on Adaptation in The Hague. 

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Why Hurricane Michael’s Power Caught Forecasters Off Guard

(The New York Times) The National Hurricane Center forecast the storm’s path with great accuracy, but its sudden intensification as it approached land was harder to predict. Barometric pressure and unusually warmer waters are the science behind the strength of a storm. Even without these measurements, the link between a stronger storm and global warming is intuitive.

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Millennial Evangelicals Want to Shift How Christians Think About Climate Change

(The Weather Channel) Meet Y.E.C.A: Young Evangelicals for Climate Change Action. For Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, National Spokesperson and Organizer for Y.E.C.A, taking action is a faith-based decision. Guided by scripture, Kyle is reach out to older generations to show that faith and concern for climate change go hand in hand.

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