Elisabeth Soto, Founder & Director

Elisabeth Soto.png

Elisabeth Soto is the Founder & Director of C4 - Christians Concerned About Climate Change. She is a digital marketer by day, and a climate advocate by night. She is an active member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC for more than 4 years and serves as a  representative of Hope for New York. Elisabeth has worked in the digital marketing and non-profit space for nearly a decade, including organizations such as the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Children International, Pro-World Service Corps, Community Impact, and USAID.

Mrs. Soto is of Peruvian and Mexican descent, and has witnessed first-hand the destruction of climate change in her family’s native countries as well as its effects on the poor and indigenous communities. Her vision is to see Christian voices break through the political noise that they may be agents of climate justice and Christ's restoration and redemption of all creation.